Widows In Need

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About Us


Honoring Widows and Providing Relief    

Widows In Need (W.I.N) is a non-profit service organization founded by Stacy C. Tyler and is based out of Columbia, SC.  The organization functions as a support system to assist independent widows ages 60 and older with low income in Richland County, SC.  The foundation of the organization is bulit on biblical principal (I Timothy 5:3, "Honour widows that are widows indeed." KJV) and is grounded in its committment to help others.

W.I.N.’s ultimate goal is to provide relief to as many elderly widows as possible by helping them regain a sense of independence and stability.


Widows In Need is an organization that provides assistance through financial support for rent/mortgage, electric, and water bills.

At W.I.N. Non-Profit Organization, we value Integrity, Commitment, and Support.

W.I.N. strives to treat every individual with Respect, Integrity, and Compassion.

W.I.N. is Committed to providing excellent quality service for elderly widows ages 60 and older.  W.I.N. acts as a Support system to help widows sustain their independence.


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